The NEW Discern® HME Detection Kit from Serim Research rapidly identifies multiple compounds commonly used in homemade explosives with a simple point of use testing system. This detection kit combines the simplicity of a single test with a sophisticated colorimetric detection process that easily distinguishes between various fertilizer compounds, Peroxide, Chlorate, or Perchlorate based HME’s. Mixing, spraying and using hazardous liquids commonly required for other chemistry kit detection systems are not necessary with this unique system. The Discern HME Detection Kit can be easily used by all EOD and First Responders without the need for specialized training.

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Overview of the Serim® Discern® HME Detection System

The Serim® Discern® HME Detection Kit provides an easy to use, convenient test that rapidly detects and distinguishes between ammonium nitrate, urea nitrate, oxidizers such as chlorates, bromates, peroxides (hydrogen peroxide, HMTD, TATP) and perchlorates (Tannerite®, flash powder). This is achieved by combining the responses of multiple test pads providing results within 60 seconds. A second test designed to specifically identify chlorate-based powders commonly used for HME’s is also included.

The kit is available in both a bulk kit containing all items needed to test 25 samples packaged in a hard shell case (8”x6”4”) and a single-use foil pack weighing less than 2 ounces. Replacement components are also available for replenishing the bulk kit as needed.

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HME Kit Chlorate


Serim Research Corporation is an independent research, development and manufacturing company that specializes in innovative dry reagent test strip technology used in the Discern® HME kits. Serim test strips provide the advantages of being able to analyze samples at the point-of-use using a simple procedure that can be performed with little training, no special equipment and avoids the inconvenience of storing, handling, and mixing hazardous liquid reagents.

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Key Features of the Discern® HME Detection System


One test identifies multiple HME compounds
Results within 60 seconds
No hazardous or corrosive liquids
Tests both liquid and solid materials
Single-use and bulk kit options
Cost effective