Local EOD and other first responders utilizing this unique kit from Serim Research can quickly and easily test potential explosive materials even before the arrival of bomb squad personnel.  The test identifies precursor compounds common to homemade explosives helping first responders rapidly assess potential threats and respond accordingly.  This sophisticated colorimetric detection system provides one-step identification of potential explosive compounds at a fraction of the cost of other state of the art technology.  This affordable kit meets your requirements of quickly identifying multiple compounds without numerous steps, expensive equipment, or specialized training.

The Discern® HME Detection Kit is economically priced so local EOD/First Responders can obtain multiple units increasing access and response to the growing HME threats.

The test will distinguish ammonium nitrate from urea nitrate, as well as oxidizers such as chlorates, bromates, peroxides (hydrogen peroxide, HMTD, TATP) from perchlorates (Tannerite®, flash powder).

Benefits for EOD and First Responders:
  • Easy to use technology eliminates specialized training
  • Fast accurate identification of unknown explosive compounds
  • Bulk and single use kits available.
  • Lightweight and easily carried by all techs
  • Does not require mixing or spraying
  • Does not require hazardous/corrosive liquids
  • Simultaneously desensitizes the sample and provides analysis
  • Affordable price increases access to fast, reliable testing of potential explosive materials.

Decreasing Time on Target


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